Discovery Operations Guide

Planning Part 1

Overview Planning, aka Planning 1

To start Overview Planning, you need to practically understand the scale and scope of your problem. Problem Framing defines your project’s goal, and Planning 1 is where you make a realistic plan to reach that goal.


Use this checklist to start your Overview Planning.

  • Create high-level timeline by week. Use a digital or written calendar to do this. See an example and calendar template on the following pages.
  • Meet with team as group to vocalize roles and discuss high-level timeline.
  • Explain to team that this timeline is tentative; items will change as interview times shift.
  • Ensure that Recruiter knows the timeline for recruitment, is comfortable with it, and is poised to start work as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that Logistics Coordinator knows the site type and Local Contact, if required and is poised to start work roughing out a team and travel schedule as soon as interviews start being scheduled.
  • Give Researchers access to the early research you have done so that they can review while the logistics come together.